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Level up the beauty and functionality of your yard with retaining walls.

Adding retaining walls is a great way to preserve the beauty of your landscape, whether you’re looking to prevent soil erosion, create terraced gardens, or define outdoor spaces. At Lake Norman Lawn Systems, we build retaining walls that serve their functional purpose and also add elegance to the landscape. From the choice of materials to the shape and height, we tailor retaining walls to your Cornelius, North Carolina landscape.

Retaining Walls in Cornelius, North Carolina

One popular type of retaining wall is the gravity wall, which relies on its weight and mass to resist the soil pressure behind it. These walls are typically made of heavy materials like stone or concrete and are excellent for supporting gardens and flower beds. Another option is the cantilevered retaining wall, which uses a reinforced concrete slab and a footing to provide stability. These walls are ideal for taller structures and are often used in commercial landscaping. Our team is ready to help you plan and install a variety of retaining wall styles, and you can count on us for excellence no matter which style you choose.

We understand that determining the placement of a retaining wall requires careful consideration of your landscape’s topography along with your specific goals. We can assess the slope, soil conditions, and drainage patterns of your property to determine the most suitable location for the wall. We’ll also consider your aesthetic preferences and design goals to create a retaining wall that seamlessly integrates with your landscape.

Hiring a professional for your retaining wall project is crucial for several reasons. We bring expertise and experience to the table, ensuring the wall is functional and visually appealing, and we use quality materials and equipment for efficient and precise installation. Additionally, professionals like us can navigate local regulations and obtain any required permits for your project.

Retaining walls are versatile landscaping features that serve practical and aesthetic purposes, and when you work with us, we will help you choose the right type of retaining wall for your property. So why wait? Contact us to start your retaining wall project and level up your yard’s beauty and functionality.