Three Key Tree Care Tips

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From bolstering the natural beauty of your property to providing shade and privacy, your trees likely serve a variety of purposes. Well-maintained, trees can stand the test of time and continue providing their numerous benefits to your outdoor spaces.

Three Key Tree Care Tips

Here are three tree care tips to follow if you want your trees to thrive:

  1. Pruning: In general, branches that are dead, damaged, or crossing over one another should be trimmed to allow the tree to divert its energy to healthy branches. When it comes to optimal tree care, it’s important that branches aren’t haphazardly removed, as this can make the tree susceptible to deterioration due to insects, disease, or excess sun. The safest, most effective way to accomplish your trees’ pruning needs is by scheduling a tree trimming service.
  2. Monitoring: Keep an eye out for signs of poor health, like bark that’s missing, slimy, or showing signs of fungal damage, as well as needles or leaves that are brown.
  3. Mulching: Mulch surrounding trees can keep the soil moist and protect them from being nicked by lawn mower blades. However, improperly applied, mulch can cause a tree’s trunk to rot and can keep a tree’s roots from getting needed oxygen.

If you’re located in the Cornelius, North Carolina area and are interested in improving the health and beauty of your trees, contact our team of experts at Lake Norman Lawn Systems. Whether you’re looking for tree trimming services or want to revamp your yard by scheduling tree installation services, we’d love to find the right tree care solution for you!